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The Dreamteam:

Crossfit werkstatt Saalbach

Holidays in the mountains, staying in the Franziska, training right opposite, in our CrossFit, “Werkstatt” (= workshop).

With the renovation of the Franziska, the idea was born to create something unique in Austria: giving our guests the opportunity to train in a well-equipped gym when on holidays, and adding to this gastronomy and optional holiday specials to put together the perfect package.

Those who are guests in the Franziska, are also guests in the Werkstatt. Your options are manifold:

Whether you continue your daily training on holidays, come here with your CrossFit Gym for a summer camp, hold instruction sessions or training seminars, simply roll out a yoga mat in the evening, or are in slacker mode and wave across to the Franziska from your balcony with a cup of coffee in hand - the Gym is yours!

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