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We are happy that the topic of sustainability is now finally (finally!!) in tune with the times and want to implement our philosophy and conviction in all areas of the house. From the selection of building materials all the way to the coffee bean.

We also believe that a new approach must come not only from us, but from guests as well. This means that you’ll be searching in vain for long buffet tables at breakfast, that we have a minimum stay period of 3 nights and that the Franziska and its guests make do without the heated outdoor pool, now so popular in winter in the Alpine region.

Instead, the green Franziska can offer the following with a good conscience:

Grand Pension Franziska goes green


As announced above, we have already ruined your anticipation for long buffet tables. Instead, you can look forward to a Slow Food breakfast of the highest order: Sourdough bread from master roof plumber Ludwig, Slow Food cooking by Evy and a range of gourmet foods with specialities from the region, for an enjoyable breakfast. Regional and organic, as far as possible.

green, green, green

... is also pleasing to the eye. Admittedly, the exterior green façade is an experiment - we are probably the first in the Alpine region who are trying to implement something like this. Indoors, we go for wild growth instead of cultivated plants. “Plantiska” will even further improve the indoor climate for its guest in the green holiday jungle!


Instead of relying on chemical cleaning agents, we go for environmentally friendly cleaning with micro-dry steam to protect the environment and health of our staff and guests.

We do all the laundry ourselves and can thus decide which products to use.

The fluffy half-linen bedlinen also makes do completely without any synthetic fibres.


The Franziska is heated with geothermal energy. The heat that makes the floor, your feet and the indoor areas so nicely warm, comes from 6x 120m deep boreholes. Soon we will also be able to heat our gym with geothermal energy. Thanks to the further planned addition of photovoltaics, our house will be even more energy-self-sufficient.


We don’t use any soap and other amenities wrapped in plastic, instead we provide you with really good soap for body and hair in the rooms, and in the wellness zone we have refillable PET bottles by the organically certified natural cosmetics firm Team Dr Joseph. If you fall in love with a product, you can purchase it in our shop to bring home with you! 


In the course of the renovation work in 2022-2023, we were supported by the state of Salzburg through the Salzburg2050 project. We were accompanied with the measures "roof renovation" and "replacement of exterior windows  & doors" in the form of individual project funding.

More information about Salzburg2050 at: 

State of Salzburg - Climate: SALZBURG 2050


If you leave your car behind and show a ticket for public transport at check-in, we give you -10% on your room booking! (Cannot be combined with other promotions)

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