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Berthold Brecht already knew that first comes food, then morality.

Image by Brooke Lark

SLOW FOOD breakfast

... and eating well is a huge, giant priority here in the Franziska.

So in addition to a breakfast that makes every athlete’s heart jump for joy, we don’t forget that in keeping with the spirit of a “Frühstückspension”, hearty dishes are also called for. If you feel just like at home with grandma, we have fulfilled our mission.

But we also have principles which we want to remain true to. Instead of avocado and salmon there often is trout, char and everything the season and region yield. From the coffee bean and oatmeal to the flour for Ludwig’s sourdough bread and the juicy rosemary ham, we work with local producers and always try to do without artificial substitutes. This means: you can expect Evy’s Slow Food breakfast at its finest, with much love for detail and treats from the region, home-made as far as possible.

So take your time and give this special meal the attention it deserves, make yourself comfortable in the Franziska Rooftop, slurp your coffee with a view of the mountains and look forward to a great day.


Franziska’s Rooftop is your living room and indulgence our pet issue. In the evening the open fire sparkles in the fireplace, the Verve plays “a man called sun” and you are invited to taste your way through our menu. From our own cocktail creations, home-made kombucha, lemonade to biodynamic wine, craft beer from Pinzgau all the way to tapas and bar snacks.

Image by Brooke Lark


We are happy to offer groups (> 10 persons) half-board. Please enquire to


Those who are guests in the Franziska in summer, are in luck:


once a week we cook up a storm! Our vision of a perfect summer evening is sharing a good meal and cool drinks with family, friends and acquaintances. On this note, we’ll fire up our charcoal grill! And “BBQ” does not mean just throwing a couple of sausages on the grill! Look forward to an evening together that leaves nothing to be desired!

** the BBQ can also be booked by outside guests! Please make a reservation!

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And to come back to Berthold Brecht once more: What happens to the morals after a drink or two at the lodge parties on the mountain, we’ll leave to you!

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