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Looking down from the summit cross onto Saalbach, sparkling fresh snow in winter, the first deep breath in the dry winter cold, turning over one more time in the warm and soft bed, a forest yoga session, reading a book in the Franziska Rooftop, enjoying local treats with a view of the valley head.

We can think of various wellness-options for body and mind, in the Franziska and the surrounding mountain landscape.

sweating with a view

To this end, the panoramic forest sauna in the Franziska is sure to turn up the heat a notch or two after a day on the mountain, and on the sauna terrace you can end the day with a cup of tea.

Inhale, Exhale

In every room you’ll find yoga mats, so you can greet the first sunbeams of the day in the Downward Dog Pose, or stretch your tired limbs after skiing.

A yoga platform is planned for the Franziska Backyard! But first things first!, Mia Knoll (14).jpg
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